Ultimate Muscle Building Routine That Will Transform Your Body From A Before to An After! AKA - The Squat Routine!

Yes, squat. If you are at all serious about gaining weight you will begin squatting as is your life depended on it. Your ability to gain weight sure does.

Squats are the absolute king of weight gain exercises, bar none. If you hate to squat you can do one of two things - you can forget about gaining lots of muscle, or you can learn to love the results you get from squatting so that you learn to love the squat itself.

And the best way to make squats work for you and work fast is to do them in 20 rep breathing style. What does this mean? In short, it means be prepared to do the hardest work you've ever done in your lifting career. Progress comes with a price and that price is hard work on the squat.

You need to use all the weight you can handle and then add some more. Since the squat is the toughest weight lifting exercise you can do physically, it's also the toughest mentally.

Your mind gives in on the squat well before your body does. If you want to gain lots of muscle, you need to put an end to that. Everything you have has to go into your squatting program.

Hard work on the squat is the single most important thing you can do to ensure your bodybuilding success. Forget about the latest greatest high tech routine or the newest supplement fad. The key component to any program you do is hard work. Hard work will take you much further than your choice of exercises, sets or reps.

The key to the success of rapid weight gain by squatting is the amount of work you put into it. After your warm ups, load the bar to a weight you normally do 10 reps with.

Now, do 20 reps. No, I'm not kidding. Like I said before, the squat is the most mental exercise there is. I've never seen anyone, when properly prepared mentally, fail to get 20 reps with their 10 rep weight.

Don't get me wrong, it's not easy and you may be taking 10 deep breaths and a half a minute between each rep toward the end, but you will do it, if you are mentally strong.

By rep 10, your mind will be ready to rack the weight like you've always done.

But who controls your mind? You do.

So tell it not this time, take 3 deep breaths and get that 11th rep. Now you're in a world of your own. Nothing matters but the next rep. Your success or failure at this point is solely determined by the power of your mind. If your mind gives up, your body will pack it in. You're done.

The last few reps will have every part of you screaming to call it quits. Block it out! Whatever it takes to get the next rep - 10 deep breaths, a promise to yourself, a make believe deal that if you complete number 20, you get a dream vacation, million dollars, new smart phone, whatever gets you that next rep.

You can use counting tricks.Count 1 through 10 on the first 10 reps, then 1 through 5 on the next 5, then backwards from 5 to 1 on the next 5. Whatever helps you complete all 20 reps.

When you're finished, stagger over to a bench. If you can walk, you didn't work hard enough. Flop over the bench and do a set of light pullovers, 20 reps, with no more than 25 pounds. Get a good stretch.

Do this twice a week for 6 weeks. Each time add 5 pounds to the bar from your previous workout. That's 12 workouts and a 60 pound increase in your squat weight.

You can do this. And you will grow. Fast.

Remind yourself each time you workout, you only have X more workouts to go. Think about it, it's just 12 sets over 6 weeks. You can do that, right? Of course you can, if you want to gain weight as badly as you say you do.

If you don't get your squat up to over 300 pounds on this program eventually, you aren't going to get the muscle gains that you want.

The rest of the routine looks as follows:

3 - Chin Ups 2 x 8 - 12 (if you aren't strong enough, do Lat Pulldowns)

4 – Bench Press 2 x 8 - 12

5 - Military Press 2 x 8 – 12

6 – Barbell Curls 1 x 8 – 12

7 – Tricep Pressdowns 1 x 8 - 12

Put these tips to use in your training and nutrition and you'll be your own Mass Monster in no time!