Natural T Boosting Strategies For Creating an Anabolic State

Testosterone! The big bad! Or, for bodybuilders, the big good! Except that they just can't get enough of it! Testosterone means muscle! Sure, it's not really that simple of an equation but it's close enough. Almost all steroids are some derivative of the mighty testosterone.

More testosterone equals more muscle and bodybuilders want more muscle. How do you do that without all the risks of steroids? Not to mention the shots! Who wants to do that?

Anyway, there are definitely healthy strategies available for boosting testosterone levels without drugs. Your nutrition plan and your exercise routine can both affect your testosterone levels.

Ever hear of Dan Duchaine? Way back when in the 80's and 90's, Dan was known as the “Steroid Guru” and wrote the original underground guide to Steroids. But Dan was also pretty smart when it came to nutrition, even equating a macro nutrient to steroids.

What was that macro nutrient? Dan called essential fatty acids, or EFA's the most anabolic legal supplement around. Of course, essential fatty acids are not just a supplement, they are fat. As in, the macro nutrient fat that you eat.

Among other things, these essential fatty acids help to naturally boost testosterone levels. If you fear fat, if you're on one of those low fat diets, your testosterone levels are in serious danger. Low fat diets lead to low testosterone levels.

With the way people eat today, Americans are not getting nearly enough essential fatty acids in their diet. Don't be afraid of fatty foods that are high in these essential fatty acids.

Foods High in EFA's include:




Nuts (Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts)


Making sure to get your essential fatty acids every day can do wonders for your testosterone levels.

Now lets look at exercise. There are a number of ways to manipulate your hormone levels, such as growth hormone, testosterone and cortisol, with exercise.

But we are going to keep it simple and focus on giving the T a boost.

Testosterone likes heavy lifting on the big compound exercises. Think, squats, bench press, deadlifts, dips, chin ups and standing presses.

Perform exercises like this for heavy sets of 4 to 6 repetitions per set with two or three minutes of rest between sets.

But androgen receptors, which the T needs to bind with for those higher levels to translater into muscle, needs higher reps!

So yeah, that whole work in a variety of rep ranges really does have merit, even if people didn't truly get why.

Be sure and lift heavy at times for few reps but also hit those higher rep ranges as well. You might alternate weeks. Go heavy one week and go with higher reps the next.

Two simple strategies – one for your nutrition and one for your workout program – and you can elevate your testosterone levels and build more muscle.

And yeah, there's also the third way and that's through supplementation. Supplements have come a long, long way over the past twenty or thirty years and there really are testosterone boosting supplements that work. We'll get to that in a future article.